In just over a month we fly out to Mexico just after Sophie {+} Chris to shoot their wedding.

Sophie was bridesmaid for her good friend Jess last year at St Elizabeth House . We had just started to put together fusion options and Jess {+} Sam where one of our very first clients to book the new service we offered in Plymouth Wedding Photography.

Chris called me the same week we released Jess {+} Sams’ film and photos to enquire about what we could do for them in Mexico. After a few emails we had planned something suitable for them and began to book our tickets.

It’s been great to hear how their wedding plans have progressed this past year and how their wedding party has grown to almost double what they expected! I know they are extremely excited about it al (as are we!). It’s great when you see how important it is to couples to have their wedding captured, I feel privileged that so many couples this year have gone to such lengths to have us shoot their weddings. It does inspire us.

After several meetings our final meet this week involved a short pre-Wedding shoot at The Royal William Yard…

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